Stories at the Times Union

In a year as a general assignment reporter, I contributed to 462 stories at the Albany Times Union. Many of these stories are behind a paywall. Contact me for a PDF.

Top Stories

Deadly lure of fentanyl-laced heroin

The paradox of the heroin epidemic is the more people know about the potency — and potential lethality — of a specific supply, the more some are drawn to its call. 

Clifton Park parents still seeking justice

"What it comes down to is whether this guy, Jason Ward, got away with murder," Adams said. "That's the elephant in the room."

USDA penalizes Catskill zoo for animal welfare violations

Federal inspectors have put the heat on the family-run zoo, which has enclosures an expert believes may lead to injury or to an animal escaping.

Court, UAlbany documents shed new light on CDTA bus incident

Information in documents filed Wednesday with the court includes the women's own words in statements made over several days that shed light on how they perceived the bus fight that Saturday night in January.

Opioid abuse fuels Capital Region thefts

Sawyer said as he shoplifted, he could see his fellow addicts doing the same thing. The rest of the store would blithely shop, fussing over their lists, completely unaware of what their fellow citizens were doing. 

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