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 As a reporter on U.S. war in Afghanistan, I lived in downtown Kabul and traveled throughout the country. Stars and Stripes, despite a subsidy from the U.S. government, is editorially independent, which led to the paper almost being killed in 2020. Despite intense resistance and a lack of transparency, I was able to break news, complete investigations, and write features on America's longest war.

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Sewage from US Embassy, NATO headquarters dumped into Kabul River due to aging infrastructure 

Raw sewage pours into the fetid waters of Kabul River each day, including some of what comes from the U.S. Embassy and the military headquarters for Resolute Support NATO. 

Welcome to ‘Zombieland’: A former US Army base rots in the hands of overwhelmed Afghans 

FOB Shank’s fate — left to rot in the hands of overwhelmed Afghans — illustrates those challenges, as the White House reportedly mulls withdrawing thousands more troops, and as diplomats hammer out a peace settlement with the Taliban that could involve pulling out all foreign forces in the coming years. 

Afghan soldiers test cease-fire with visit to Taliban strongholds 

 On the second day of unprecedented mutual cease-fires, Afghan soldiers convoyed to a village that for months was deemed too dangerous to visit — the stronghold of the Taliban in Logar province.

Marine veteran turned photographer finds beauty, pain in return to Afghanistan’s Helmand 

Jones, 27, came back to Helmand in early April, for the first time since twice deploying to the province that has claimed more coalition troops’ lives than any other in the 18-year war. His journey back as a civilian was partly driven by a long-simmering question: Had the blood he and his comrades shed here led to any lasting change? 

US, Taliban sign deal aimed at ending Afghan War 

The United States and its foreign allies will withdraw all forces within 14 months and end the war in Afghanistan if the Taliban renounces terror groups and abides by a joint agreement signed in Doha on Saturday.

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